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The services

Our response to all your company’s needs

The Consorzio Stabile Grifone is also a Service Company: we are ready to deliver tailor-made advice to our customers, provide training, organise logistics and do special plastic processing.

Know-how and years of experience: we have all the skills needed to help your company achieve all its goals.

Consultancy, assistance and technical training

Our know-how at the service of companies and professionals

The know-how of the professionals working in Consorzio Stabile Grifone, together with all its members, allows us not only to supply our customers with quality products in the shortest possible time. We are also able to offer consultancy services and provide specific training, both online and in person, to technical offices and design studios, local authorities and reclamation consortia, water cycle management and solid urban waste disposal companies.

As well as offering consultancy and training, we assist companies in compiling and submitting bids for public tenders or contracts.

Lastly, the specific training we provide also covers technical areas, and is available directly in our training centres: we operate three of these on the premises of three of our members (Campoformido, San Giovanni Teatino, Piacenza). The training provided prepares members to obtain the qualification of polyethylene welders, both head-to-head and electrofusion according to UNI 9737:2021, for classes 3 PE 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8. The qualification certificate is issued by an accredited body.


Speed, efficiency, punctuality

A group that distributes its products throughout the country must be efficient and punctual. Logistics must coordinate the best possible way of supplying materials to our customers in the shortest possible time: this is one of our main objectives, because delays in the delivery of materials mean delays in work and, consequently, potential penalties.

That’s why we are the centre of Italy, everywhere. Our central warehouse enables us to have immediate availability of products of exceptional sizes and types with low turnover.

And thanks to the presence of our members all over the country including the islands, delivery times are shortened.

As the Consorzio Stabile Grifone, we are also able to deliver even small quantities of products directly to construction sites throughout Italy, always respecting the deadlines and delivery methods requested by our customers.

Special plastics processing

Custom-made parts to suit every customer

Our wide range of products may not meet the specific needs of some customers. For this reason we can create special items in PVC, Polyethylene and Polypropylene using certified materials and special equipment.

In addition to “classic” special parts (such as reduced branches, increases/reductions, bends….), we are also able to make custom parts, following the technical specifications provided by our customers. Our many years’ experience in the field enables us to work together with the customer to find the best solution.

For the manufacture of special parts we apply all welding techniques:

  • Spigot welding
  • Wire
  • Chemical
  • Extrusion

Each of these techniques, carried out in a state-of-the-art manner, guarantees high levels of durability, not least because the cuts are made with equipment that guarantees maximum precision in every detail.

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