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Mission & Vision

At the heart of Italy, for ongoing, structured growth

In the more than 25 years since we were founded, we have strengthened our role and our key position in the Italian market by ensuring reliable distribution, the true cornerstone of the market.

We are able to respond to all supply needs for the delivery and management of services: not only as regards the integral water cycle, but in many other sectors too.

After uniting Italy through the grassroots representation ensured by our members and our logistic efficiency, we want to progressively acquire more and more “European” dimensions and characteristics, while continuing to guarantee the same, very high quality level.

And to do this by setting ourselves up as a market benchmark, bringing together the best part of it: the best producers and the best customers.

With the concrete prospect of constant, structured growth.

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Our members

The sum of our values counts more than the value of individuals

We are a consortium with 17 member companies, present throughout Italy and leaders in their respective fields: Members who share our values, our vision and our commitment.
And thanks to their location, they allow us to be present everywhere in the country, including the islands.

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