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Bespoke solutions and materials for more and more diversified sectors

The sectors covered by the products supplied by the Consorzio Stabile Grifone and our members are many and varied: for each of them, we are committed to supplying materials of the best possible quality as quickly as possible.


Aqueducts are one of the key infrastructures of any country. We at the Consorzio Stabile Grifone strive unremittingly to be the best supplier of plastic and ferrous pipes and fittings for pressure pipelines.


From the energy to the automotive sectors, from logistics to transport: the pipes, valves and accessories we supply our customers with are needed for the operations of numerous industrial sectors.


Transporting gas is as important as it is sensitive. We ensure safety and advanced technology for gas pipelines of all sizes and extensions.

Water treatment

We provide all the components necessary for innovative and sustainable wastewater treatment plants.

Sewage systems

We have all the materials on hand for the installation and maintenance of complete, integrated sewage systems.


Drains, manholes, geotechnologies: these are just some of the many products we supply to the building industry in Italy, thanks to the grassroots presence of our thirteen partners throughout the country.

Hydraulic invariance

Hydraulic invariance reduces the risk of flooding due to new building and renovations. We supply the products and technologies to best implement this principle.

Fire protection

We provide our customers with a vast range of accessories for civil and industrial fire-protection systems, complying with all the most recent international standards.


Irrigation is a basic process in the agri-food industry. We deal in all the materials and tools for residential and agricultural irrigation systems.

Energy and telecommunications

Energy and telecommunications networks require dedicated materials and infrastructure. We guarantee the highest level of quality for this sector too, providing solutions in support of the technologies.

Our services

The ideal complement to distribution

We are not just a major hub for the distribution of subservice network material throughout Italy. Our expertise also enables us to provide a range of services that are the ideal complement to all our customers’ activities.

Technical consultancy and training

We provide consultancy and training: we operate three centres delivering courses for welders.


We support companies at all stages of preparing and submitting bids for tenders and public contracts.


We deliver products (even in small quantities) directly to construction sites throughout Italy.

Special plastics processing

We make special bespoke parts to customer drawings.

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