Our values

Head Office

Via Zoe Fontana, 220
Tecnocittà Ed. B1
00131 Roma
Tel +39 (011) 19780892
Email: amministrazione @consorziogrifone.com

Our values

Consorzio Grifone works continually with its members and partners to pursue the highest quality and ensure the best customer satisfaction and the best solutions at the best cost with the best service from the best suppliers to the best customers.

Quality for us is:


We select the most innovative products through constant monitoring of the market and new technologies


We help our customers in the formulation of commercial proposals to ensure the best quotations while respecting the excellence of products


We guarantee time management and logistics coordination to offer our customers the best service


We manage all information with the utmost clarity and ethics in order to maintain a correct relationship with our customers and suppliers


We provide punctual technical assistance to better meet our customers' commercial ambitions


We offer our services as commercial partners to allow our customers to be competitive in participating in tenders and contracting

Widespread distribution

We distribute our products throughout Italy to guarantee the business development of the companies that choose us


We pursue the growth of workers: it is an added value to provide service, skills and therefore quality to customers and their companies